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I have one brother Chad.I have a mom named Susan. A step-dad named Brian. And a dad named Larry Jr. I live with my mom, brother, and step-dad. Every other weekend i go to my dad's house. I have a lot of friends. I like to hang out with. They are really funny and will make you laugh no matter how stupid the joke is. I always have a good time with them no matter where we go. I also like to play Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and I like to swim. I like to play a lot more sports but those are just my major sports I play.

I like a lot of sports. My first favorite sport is Tennis. I dont really know why i like Tennis so much but i think it is really fun and gets you in shape. My second favorite sport would have to be Basketball. Basketball is just awesome you get to run and shoot and just have fun. Then it would be Soccer. I really like Soccer because my cousin's and my brother plays it and its just really just to go on the field and just kick the soccer ball around and make goals. And finally Volleyball. I am really good at Volleyball because of my height, and its just fun to play. All sports are fun but those are just my major sports i play.


I really like dolphins!


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