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I have long straight layerd hair. Green eyes. I like to hang out with my friends. I also like to watch movies. I love to play tennis's really fun! I have one brother, his name is Chad. I have one mom, her name is Susan. I also have one step-dad, his name is Brian. I also have a dad, his name is Larry. I love to listen to music. My favorite bands are....Dashboard Confessional, Simple Plan, and Yellowcard. I like a lot more but those are just my top 3 bands! I Love Alex.

I live in Logansport, Indiana. I play tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, swim, and volleyball. When i get older I would like to be a perfessional tennis player.


Movies-Save the Last Dance, Honey, and every movie with Adam Sandler in it
Color-Lime Green, and Dark Purple
Food-Whip Cream, cheese cake, and dirt pudding
Music-Dashboard Confessional, Simple Plan, Yellowcard, Jessica Simspon, Ashlee Simpson, Tim McGrew, Lonestar..and TONZ more.
Favorite Car-Mustang, and Monte Carlo(like my moms Monte Carlo)
Drink-Cherry Coke
Show-Full House.
People I look up to-Susan(mom), and Duane(cousin)

Favorite Things In the World-
Family, and Friends!